Grow Profits &
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With Conversion-Rate Optimization

Our data-driven CRO process uncovers insights, produces wins, and increases sales for SaaS and Service based companies.

There Are 2 Approaches
To Improving Your Website...

You go in and change what you think might be a good idea to change – mainly on the home page – and hope your sales will go up.
You start by figuring out which pages cause the biggest drop-offs – where the flow is stuck. Once you understand WHERE the problem is, you proceed to identify WHAT the problem is. At JonDray Consulting we seek to understand your customers better – their needs, sources of hesitation, conversations going on inside their minds.

We gather whatever quantifiable data we can to understand what people are doing on the site, and the impact each individual widget or form field has on the revenue in order to maximize your potential.

Paula Kubo

Marketing Manager, NovaStor
“The results of this landing page were spectacular, and I am satisfied with the page’s design. Plus, it was easy to communicate with JonDray about our project goals, needs, and requirements. They met our planned deadline and showed availability and willingness to help us all the time.”



Conversion Rate Improvement

Revenue Increase

This Is What Our
Engagement Will Look Like...

1. We Perform AStrategic Growth Assessment

We’ll analyze your funnel and your customers. Understand your strategic goals, KPIs, and growth timeline.

2. Uncover Insights & CreateROI-Focused Hypothesis’

We take only what is proven to make an impact with data to create your testing roadmap.

3. Launch Tests & UncoverEven More Insights

We’ll analyze your funnel and your customers. Understand your strategic goals, KPIs, and growth timeline.

Speed Of Implementation
Is Everything...

We believe that speed of implementation plus quality work = ROI.

The longer your business waits to implement a CRO program could mean harm to your long and short term results.

That’s why we’re here.

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CRO Process Breakdown For Dummies

What I have to share with you today will bring you a lot of value in understanding what it takes to build a successful CRO program for yourself, or as an agency.